Sunday, March 27, 2011

We Walk Today

This morning 123 women and 23 men will be walking the workers who died in The Triangle Waist Factory Fire home. 146 people, mothers, daughters, workers from all walks of life will gather at 146pm in front of Asch Building on the corner of Washington Place and Greene Street. Dressed in costume, bedecked in veils and wearing a placard with the name of their worker, there will be a short performance of music at the site of the fire featuring Deborah Strauss, Jeff Warschauer, children from the Midtown Workman's Circle Shule and the New Yiddish Chorale.

We will be stopping five additional times along the way, at the addresses of some of the workers:

77 West 4th Street, the home of Rosie Friedman, age 18

35 Second Avenue, the home of Catherine Maltese, age 39 and her daughters Lucia Maltese, 20 and Rosaria Maltese 14.

209 Forsyth Street, Sam Taback age 22

78 Forsyth Street, Fannie Lanser, age 21

Corner of Hester and Forsyth, Joseph Wilson, age 21.

At 3pm, we will process into the Eldridge Street Shul, 12 Eldridge Street, for a performance of Yiddish poetry and music, honoring The Yiddish Sweatshop Poets, beautiful poets many of whom supported their families by working 12 hour days in factories. Their poetry exposed the horrors, the grind, the dangers, the exhaustion of the sweatshop life . 122 of the workers who died were Jewish and many if not all of them spoke Yiddish.

Please join us. For those of you outside New York, we will be hosting a show on The Triangle Fire on WBAI, 99.5FM and at 11am featuring Caraid O'Brien, Dr. Hanna Griff, Melanie Martinez, Yankl Salant and hosted by Janet Coleman and David Dozer for The Next Hour.

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